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By: Kavita Sood

A Global Online Conversation to Fight Malaria

June 8, 2017
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Nothing But Nets is excited to announce a new partnership with Paltalk, an international video and communication platform. In the lead up to World Mosquito Day, August 20, Paltalk has joined The Million Nets Pledge to encourage its members to meet and connect with other users around the world to discuss a variety of international issues, including the fight against malaria. 

Paltalk hopes its more than one million users will help spread awareness about the work of Nothing But Nets through its channels, inspiring people to help send nets and save lives. 

The partnership will debut a new sticker pack and virtual gift that Paltalk users can purchase and share across their chatrooms. Paltalk’s exclusive sticker pack features mosquitoes, bednets, and the Nothing But Nets logo to raise awareness of the deadly effects of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Not only can users help raise malaria awareness by using the exclusive sticker packs and virtual gifts, but 10 percent of the proceeds from each purchase will be donated to Nothing But Nets.  

Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria. More than half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria, and the majority of those are young children and pregnant women. Bednets are the most cost-effective way to help protect them from mosquitoes, because those that carry malaria only bite at night.

Remind your friends and family that August 20 is World Mosquito Day by joining Paltalk and sending them a mosquito sticker and inviting them to join the fight against malaria! 


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