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By: Elisabeth Clymer

11-Year-Old Arnav Bindra Donates His Birthday to Nothing But Nets

June 8, 2017
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Think really hard.  What is the best birthday present you could give to a friend? This question might have your mind spinning, scanning through memories and objects that you and your friends have thoroughly enjoyed through the years. You might be furiously searching your local mall, trying to decide what he or she may love most. 

For fifth grader, Arnav Bindra, the answer was easy and was not found on a shelf. He decided that he wanted to donate his birthday to Nothing But Nets. Rather than a toy to add to his collection, Arnav asked his friends be life savers. Together, they raised nearly $300! By donating his birthday, Arnav also taught his friends how to be agents of change. The 30 bed nets that Arnav and his friends sent is proof that 11-year-olds can certainly make a difference!

Arnav first learned about Nothing But Nets at a camp with the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in March. Fighting malaria became his passion when he learned that even a kid like him could make a difference in the world. When asked why he chose Nothing But Nets, Arnav said he believes everyone should have an equal opportunity to live a happy, healthy life. 

We are so grateful to Arnav and his friends for using his birthday celebration as an opportunity to send nets and protect children from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa! You can donate your birthday too! Help us send nets and save lives.

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