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What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Please read our privacy policy here and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Where should I mail a check donation?

Please mail all offline donations to:

United Nations Foundation/United to Beat Malaria
1750 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006

How can I find a receipt for my donation?

Please email and provide the gift date, gift amount, and if the gift was made online or sent it in the mail.

Where can I get the UN Foundation's W9 form?

Download our W9 form.

Can I purchase nets directly?

United to Beat Malaria does not manufacture or sell bed nets. The campaign works with partners to procure appropriate and approved nets that are then delivered to UN partners working on the ground conducting distributions.

How can I send nets to a specific area?

United to Beat Malaria does not coordinate small net distributions to requested locations. The campaign works in conjunction with UN partners to conduct large distributions in the areas of greatest need in sub-Saharan Africa.

How can I raise funds for United to Beat Malaria?

Anyone can join the fight and raise funds to beat malaria! Donate your birthday, set up a fundraiser on your own, rally your friends, family, or classmates to form a team, or join an existing team. It only takes a minute to get started. Visit our Start a Fundraiser page to get started.

How can I volunteer for United to Beat Malaria?

We are always looking for helping hands to spread the word about United to Beat Malaria. In previous years we have partnered with Cotopaxi’s Questival, a 24-hour adventure that helps promote social good. We need volunteers to help represent United to Beat Malaria! Are you interested? Email

You can also join our Champions Council, an exclusive group of over 200 volunteer grassroots supporters from across the U.S. and all walks of life who are leading the fight against malaria in their communities. Visit our Advocacy page to learn more and inquire about joining.

How do I show United to Beat Malaria's VR film "Under the Net" in my community?

We would be happy to help you facilitate a fundraiser and screening of “Under the Net” in your community, either using Google Cardboard viewers or Samsung Gear VR headsets. Please reach out to us at with the details of your event including date, location, and number of attendees and we’ll be in touch to help you with details.

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