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By: Emile Dawisha

Attend the 2020 Leadership Summit!

January 10, 2020
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We’re less than two months away from our campaign’s marquee event: the annual Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit (March 8-10 in Washington DC; Washington Marriott Georgetown). Here are five reasons why you should attend the 2020 Leadership Summit! 

  1. Participate in the world’s largest grassroots movement to end malaria. Each year, ourLeadership Summit brings together hundreds of our most passionate supporters across the country and around the globe (last year’s attendees represented 33 states and countries such as Syria, Niger, and Venezuela). The Summit gives our supporters an opportunity to engage deeper in the fight against malaria and learn how to make an impact in their community.

  2. Gain valuable leadership and community organizing skills. The Summit’s Sunday and Monday programming includes workshops and trainings that help attendees become better advocates and community organizers. These are valuable skills that can be used beyond the fight against malaria.

  3. Meet with your Members of Congress. On Tuesday, Summit attendees take to Capitol Hill for the Summit’s annual Advocacy Day. Attendees meet with their Senators and Representatives to emphasize the impact and critical importance of US-supported malaria programs through the Global Fund to Fight Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria and the President’s Malaria Initiative. 

  4. Learn how malaria impacts other key global issues. As we enter the final decade to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), we must recognize malaria as a global development issue that intersects with virtually all other SDG’s. The 2020 Leadership Summit will include sessions about how malaria impacts gender equality and economic empowerment;  and the impact of climate change on malaria

  5. Celebrate the impact we’ve made!  Our coalition of champions scored a monumental advocacy victory last year: funding increases for the Global Fund and PMI that will protect millions of people from malaria around the world. This big win did not happen overnight. Hundreds of passionate and persistent malaria champions volunteered their time to attend advocacy trainings, set up meetings with members of Congress, recruit new champions, and raise awareness through social and traditional media. The Summit is an opportunity to thank and recognize these incredible efforts, and to highlight the progress we’ve made towards global eradication. Together, we can end malaria within this generation! 
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