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By: Adrianna Logalbo

24 hours to drop New Year’s Eve ball on malaria

June 15, 2017
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The clock is ticking. There are 24 hours and counting (more or less depending on where you live!) until the giant, glowing ball descends in Times Square, ringing in the New Year.

24 hours left to drop the New Year’s Eve ball on malaria. Have you sent a net and saved a life yet?

More than a year ago, we launched a campaign with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to send one million nets to refugees in malaria-endemic countries in Africa. Since then, we’ve delivered thousands of your nets and Messages of Hope to displaced families in Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.


This year, Rick Reilly matched your gifts up to $25,000. An anonymous donor is matching gifts up to $200,000. And NBA Cares and HP are giving you two complimentary NBA game tickets with every minimum donation of $10 to Nothing But Nets. We are so close to fulfilling this need, and providing one million life-saving nets to refugees. We’re so close to giving more than one million people hope in the New Year. But we don’t want to be close. We want to make it happen. Can you help us?

Send a net. Save a life. Drop the New Year’s Eve ball on malaria. 

P.S. And for you DC area folks, you can help us celebrate the New Year and our commitment to saving lives by joining us at an exclusive event, hosted by Skye Lounge. Use the code NBN2010 when buying your ticket online and $10 of the cost benefits Nothing But Nets!

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