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By: Amy Jensen

A Casual Day of Saving Lives

June 9, 2017
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Sarah Mumby and the students of Cooper City Elementary School have taken a “casual” approach to sending nets and saving lives. Earlier this year, student government members learned about malaria, the importance of life-saving bed nets, and how easy it is to send a net and save a life with Nothing But Nets.

Most of the students learned about malaria for the first time, but since they live in Florida, they know just how annoying mosquitoes can be. When they learned that a mosquito bite can deadly for children in Africa, they had to take action and to protect them!

On a designated day, elementary school students could donate $1 to wear something other than their school uniform to class. On this special day, hundreds of students went casual AND they helped save lives in Africa. In total, the students raised enough to send 35 bed nets!

The Cooper City Elementary School plans to share their success with other schools in the area and encourage multiple schools to go casual to send nets and save lives.

Share with us: Has your school or business tried something like this? How did it go?

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