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By: Tyler Browning

A NYC First Grade Class Aims to Be the Generation that Beats Malaria!

June 8, 2017
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Nothing But Nets youth supporters continue to prove that you can never be too young to make a difference. Our team just learned of an effort to help save lives through first grade teacher, Latasha Holder. She led her New York City public school classroom to create their very own fundraising and educational event to help protect families from malaria.

Ms. Holder’s first grade class at Hamilton Heights School dedicated part of their Social Studies unit to learning about their community with the goal of understanding “that we live in a world where people need each other.” After focusing their research on African culture and the devastating effects that malaria has on families in this region, the students decided to take action to help save lives from the disease. They held a series of events including a silent auction, a performance, and a market where they sold their artwork inspired by African culture. All of the proceeds benefitted Nothing But Nets.

“My class has been on a serious mission, and have gotten many others to join.” Ms. Holder boasts about her first graders, “They are very passionate about what they are doing and how they are helping.”

The event ended up being a huge hit for the students and families of Hamilton Heights School and raised over $500 to help send bednets to save vulnerable populations from malaria.

Anyone from students to CEOs can send a net to help save a life! Learn more about what our champions are doing to save lives:

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