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By: Chris Helfrich

A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity

June 7, 2017
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Did you know that this is a huge day in the fight against malaria?

World leaders have gathered at the United Nations and just today adopted new global goals for the next 15 years to end extreme poverty, protect the environment, and promote health and well-being for all.

These global goals for sustainable development are a world-wide plan of action to solve some of our biggest problems – including ensuring that no child dies from a mosquito bite. They were created with input from thousands of people across the country, including Nothing But Nets supporters like you, and strong U.S. leadership.

Now, global leaders are committing to reducing malaria cases and deaths by 90% worldwide and eliminating the disease in at least 35 countries by 2030. This is realistic and affordable, but will take concerted efforts from political leaders, partners, advocates, and communities to be successful.

Global goals work. Over the past 15 years, the Millennium Development Goals—which set targets between 2000 and 2015—helped drive unprecedented progress against malaria. They inspired action that helped save more than six million lives and cut mortality by more than half for children under five.

The U.S. played an important leadership role in this achievement and will be critical moving forward. We can’t afford to let up now after all the progress we’ve made.

This couldn’t be a more exciting time to join the fight against malaria – because it’s working and we’re at a pivotal moment for the future – you can help us end this disease for good. As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said:

“As we move toward a new set of global goals for sustainable development, we have an unprecedented opportunity to put an end to the global threat of malaria once and for all.”

2015 is a time for global action. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to mobilize leaders and partners around the world to win the fight against malaria. 

We need your support to make these goals a reality. Tell President Obama that you support the global goals and more specifically, the target to end malaria.

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