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By: Adrianna Logalbo

A Taste of Chicago

June 21, 2017
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Would you have what it takes to go up against Chicago Bulls’ Luol Deng? How about Chicago Fire’s Diego Gutierrez?

Today, kids and grownups of all ages got to test their skills against these professional athletes at the Taste of Chicago’s Sports Pavilion — all in an effort to raise funds to prevent malaria with life-saving mosquito nets.

Luol and Diego, both national spokespeople for Nothing But Nets, went one on one with their fans for 90 minutes this afternoon. During water breaks we raffled off signed memorabilia donated by the Chicago Bulls, Sky and Fire and the players spoke to the crowd that gathered about the importance of working together to fight malaria.

Benny the Bull helped keep the crowd on their toes, jumping into the soccer net, spraying kids with silly string, and generally harassing Elizabeth McKee, the Director of Nothing But Nets who emceed the event. Overall we raised a thousand dollars during the event!

Today Nothing But Nets got a small taste of the generosity of Chicago. But we will be back for more, as we are holding several events with our partners throughout the month. So really, Chicago just got a small taste of Nothing But Nets! Stay tuned for more…

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