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By: Marisa Goldstein

A Young Champion Inspired by an NBA All-Star

June 8, 2017
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As basketball season comes to a close, 5th grader Kyle von Seeburg has shown that nets are crucial, both on and off the court.

A native of the Bay Area, Kyle recently attended a basketball camp with the Golden State Warriors, where he heard Nothing But Nets champion and NBA All-Star Stephen Curry speak about the importance of fighting malaria in Africa, and he was instantly inspired to take action.

Kyle organized a free throw shootout at his school, Roosevelt Elementary in San Leandro. With the help and support of the principal, student leadership, faculty, and the rest of his peers, he was able to send more than 25 nets to families in need! The Golden State Warriors also generously donated a pair of tickets to the winner of the shootout in each grade, which were awarded at a school assembly.

“I organized the Nothing But Nets fundraiser at my school because I want everyone to be safe from malaria,” Kyle said. “I decided that I wanted to contribute and give other kids a chance to contribute as well.”

Although basketball season may be coming to an end, it’s never too late to take action in the fight against malaria. Sign up to start your own sports challenge!

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