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By: United to Beat Malaria

College Students from Across the U.S. Unite to Celebrate World Childrens Day and Beat Malaria

November 18, 2022
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On Thursday, November 17th, student organizations from universities across the country came together to virtually celebrate World Childrens Day (11/20) with the United to Beat Malaria campaign. The event was hosted in collaboration with UNICEF at the University of Maryland College Park, UConn Huskies for Refugees, UNICEF at the University of Connecticut, UNICEF at Virginia Commonwealth University, UNICEF at Purdue University, Northeastern UNA-USA, and UNICEF at the University of Iowa.  

The webinar contextualized malaria’s current impact on children in a post-pandemic setting, demonstrated United to Beat Malaria’s impact on realizing a malaria-free world, and offered insight on ways college students can become directly involved with the campaign. 

The event also featured a riveting round of trivia and remarks from longtime student Champions Dawson H. (Missouri) and Aniruddh M. (California). Click here to view the full recording and slides from this webinar.  


Take Action this World Childrens Day! 

Malaria is a disease that disproportionately affects children  – in fact, 77% of deaths from malaria in 2020 were children under five years old. That’s why this World Childrens Day, our Champions are raising awareness for malaria’s impact on children and engaging their Members of Congress to thank them for bipartisan Congressional support for programs like the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria which are working to change the statistic that a child dies nearly every minute from malaria. 

TAKE ACTION: Click here to send a letter via email to your Members of Congress emphasizing the importance of PMI and the Global Fund in providing the tools and resources to reduce malaria cases and deaths in children under five.  


*Reminder: Applications open November 28th for United to Beat Malaria’s 2023 Leadership Summit and Advocacy Day, which will be held in Washington DC from March 26-28th.  


Questions about Advocacy? Email Maegan Cross, Grassroots Advocacy Associate, at 

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