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By: Cody

Allowance for nets

June 20, 2017
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My name is Cody Kinz. I am eight years old and I’m in 2nd grade at Montessori De Santa Cruz school in Tubac, AZ. One night I was watching TV and I saw a Nothing But Nets commercial. I listened to what the people were saying and I told my mom that we had to donate and help save African children by making sure they had nets over their beds!

My mom said that if I wanted to donate, I could raise my own money and that she would donate too. We talked about what I could do, and I decided to save and donate my allowance to send a bed net. With mom’s net, we saved two lives! 

 While we were visiting the Nothing But Nets website, I learned more about malaria and I decided to write a research report about the disease to share with my 2nd grade class. I also decided to make my own fundraising team, which I called Cody’s Net Team. I wrote the report and told my class about malaria and bed nets and invited them to join my team. Hopefully they d

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