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By: Anastasia Dellaccio

Always in Fashion: Saving Lives

June 12, 2017
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Last week, we discovered that “Fashion Rules!” at Neiman Marcus in Chevy Chase, MD — and that joining the movement to end malaria with Nothing But Nets is always in fashion!

As guests came into the store, they were greeted by sleek tables laced with parfaits and desserts, treats from Frostings Cupcakery’s, and sorbets and gelato from our friends at Dolci Gelati. Fresh off the launch of her first CD, DJ Neekola provided the background music for the night.

As they checked out the latest spring fashions and played a few games, attendees also learned the facts about malaria:

  • Malaria is preventable, but causes more than 200 million illnesses each year and kills nearly 1 million of those who become infected.
  • 90 percent of deaths caused by malaria occur in Africa, where the disease is a leading cause of death of children.
  • Every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria.

Guests gathered around to hear about how, for just $10, a simple bed net could save a life. Inspired to help, everyone at the event contributed $25 to Nothing But Nets!

By the end of the night, Nothing but Nets raised enough to send 80 life-saving nets!  Saving lives while shopping for a great cause was the perfect way to get the fashion season started in Washington, DC.  Who ever thought that spring’s hot new trend would be insecticide-treated bed nets? 

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