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By: Meril Cullinan

An Amazing Year with “Moore” Nets for C.A.R.

June 12, 2017
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Over the past few months, you’ve learned about the often forgotten country of Central African Republic and the families there, who need your support and life-saving bed nets to protect themselves against malaria. Together with our Champion Mandy Moore, you’ve sent nets to C.A.R. and then asked your co-workers, friends, and family to help out.

Our supporters all over the world — from university students in Korea to Boy Scouts across the U.S. to people just like you — have truly stepped up to the plate for the people in C.A.R. There are so many ways you’ve made a difference in the efforts to cover every family in the Central African Republic:

  • You participated and asked questions in a Facebook Town Hall with PSI, Nothing But Nets, Mandy Moore, and Derrick Ashong;
  • Spread the buzz about the movement to end malaria deaths on your social networks;
  • Held bake sales, lemonade stands, basketball tournaments, swim-a-thons, and more to raise nets;
  • Donated your birthday, Bar Mitzvah, and holiday gifts to Nothing But Nets;
  • Participated in contests on Crowdrise;
  • Given nets on behalf of loved ones for the holidays;
  • Sent even more nets to match Rick Reilly’s generous gift on New Year’s Eve;
  • And so much more!

All of your efforts have helped to make sure that families in C.A.R. will have nets to protect them from malaria for years to come.

In partnership with PSI and UNICEF, families in the Central African Republic are currently receiving the life-saving nets you’ve helped to send. Stay tuned for photos and updates from the distribution on the ground. And, from all of us here at Nothing But Nets, thank you for your hard work and support!

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