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By: Nancy Parker

An Opportunity and an Adventure

June 20, 2017
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Earlier this mornth, the Boca Raton ONEBoca Volunteer Group and First United Methodist Church hosted a free educational outreach event entitled, “An Opportunity and an Adventure.” The event featured an African theme and highlighted The ONE Campaign to End Global Poverty, Nothing But Nets, the SaveDarfur Coalition of Palm Beach County and BeadforLife non-profit organizations.

Attendees enjoyed live music by a new local artist, Roger Petersen and Band, and a live dance performance by “The Garment of Praise Dance Ministry,” a talented group of young women from St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church of Boynton Beach. Another highlight of the night was the “Taste of Africa” Bazaar, featuring various African recipes and food tasting that were topped off with Kenyan coffee and African cakes, cookies and sugar-roasted peanuts!

Including almost 30 volunteers, the event was attended by over 140 people, all of whom seemed to have a wonderful time and provided a very positive response! Hosting the event was a great learning experience for the ONEBoca Volunteer Group, which is a fairly small group thus far, but hopes to gro

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