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By: Jenna Sauber

Are you on the map for World Malaria Day?

June 15, 2017
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The last couple of weeks we’ve been gearing up to commemorate the second World Malaria Day – and we’ve asked our supporters, partners and Champions to help us reach our goal of sending 275,000 bed nets to refugees in Uganda, Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania. We are more than halfway to our goal, and need your help as we enter the last week before World Malaria Day!

We created the World Malaria Day Fundraiser map – and supporters across the country and around the world are adding themselves to the map to show how they are raising funds for bed nets for refugees. There are basketball tournaments and bake sales, skipped lunches and soccer pub crawls. Kids and congregations and cub scouts are all getting on the map to send nets and save lives.

If you’re not on the map – check it out to see what fundraising activities other people just like you are hosting – then add yourself with your own fundraiser! When you become a fundraiser host, we’ll send you the World Malaria Day Fundraiser Toolkit, with all sorts of tips and resources on how to make an awesome fundraiser and how to spread the word about it. We’ll also give you a special code to get 50% off on hats and t-shirts at the Nothing But Nets store! So get on the map today!

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