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By: Johnna Sundberg

Art for Change: A California High School Joins the Fight against Malaria

June 8, 2017
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Last school year, the Interact club of Mission College Preparatory (MCP) High School in San Luis Obispo, California chose to fundraise for Nothing But Nets by hosting an art show called ‘Art for Change.’ Interact is the youth arm of Rotary International and aims to empower young leaders and raise awareness among youth about global issues. Each Interact club hosts two fundraisers every year: one for their own communities and one for an international issue of their choice.

Joannie Hamm, the MCP Interact club leader, first heard about Nothing But Nets a few years ago when the school’s basketball team used to donate to the campaign and decided to suggest Nothing But Nets for the annual Art for Change fundraiser. MCP Interact members voted and chose Nothing But Nets because they believe in promoting global health, particularly the health of children worldwide. Every 60 seconds a child dies of malaria and countless more contract the disease. Many of the club’s other events help children in the community, so it was a natural choice to help children abroad through Nothing But Nets

Art for Change raises money by exhibiting and selling the work of local students. This year, the show was held in downtown San Luis Obispo and ran by student volunteers. MCP students Tori Smith, Ben Covington, Patrick Laird, Lauren Smith, Tyler McKibben and Sophie Emmons were in charge of running the show and coordinating the other students. In total, the students raised $500 to buy 50 nets! Way to go, MCP Interact!

Click here for more information on how to get involved. 

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