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By: Amy DiElsi

At UN opening, Bush Calls for Continued Support of Malaria Prevention

June 21, 2017
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During his remarks to world leaders at the opening of the General Assembly of the United Nations today, President Bush urged country governments to continue to support the fight against malaria, saying:

The world knows what it takes to stop malaria: bed nets and indoor spraying, and medicine to treat the disease. Two years ago, America launched a $1.2 billion malaria initiative. Other nations and the private sector are making vital contributions, as well.

I call on every member state to maintain its focus, find new ways to join this cause and bring us closer to the day when malaria deaths are no more.

World leaders, UN agencies, students, parents, athletes, and faith leaders are all working together to fight malaria. Together we can make a difference.

To hear more of President Bush’s speech, click here. To learn more about the United Nations General Assembly, visit their website.

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