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By: United to Beat Malaria Team

Be a NETvocate: Help us spread the buzz on Capitol Hill

June 9, 2017
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On Monday December 5, 2011, the committee in the House of Representatives that focuses on global health will hold a hearing on malaria called “Fighting Malaria, Progress and Challenges.” The hearing will focus on the progress that has been made in preventing and treating malaria and examine challenges around issues such as delivery of services, treatment and funding. Capitol Hill hearings focusing on malaria don’t happen very often, so we were very pleased to learn about this one. 

Members of the committee will call on witnesses ranging from technical experts to former Ambassadors, with a goal of better understanding the progress and challenges that exist within U.S. efforts to fight malaria globally. You don’t have to live in Washington, DC to participate in this hearing, or to have an impact. It’s simple: send a letter to your representative to ask them to join the hearing. We’ve even written it for you! Become a NETvocate and make an impact on Capitol Hill — send a letter to your member of Congress today.

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