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By: Lola Ajayi

Bed nets at the Boys & Girls Club

June 16, 2017
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I recently experienced my first Nothing But Nets campaign event at the Butler-Wyatt Boys & Girls Club Washington D.C., where UNA-NCA and YPIC hosted a Nothing But Nets Basketball Clinic. Nearly 50 youth members from the clubhouse gathered to learn about one of the most important global health issues facing the world today – malaria.

The day started off with brief introductions and remarks from Nothing But NetsDeputy Director Adrianna Logalbo, encouraging participants to become leaders and create awareness about malaria within their communities.

Each youth member received a Nothing But Nets wristband before kicking off the basketball clinic conducted by Coach Robert Ingram and his team. Coach Ingram taught the basics of basketball and played games with participants to test their skills. After the games, youth members ate lunch and watched Nothing But Nets video clips to learn more about malaria. Later, they broke out into different activities to learn more about malaria prevention.  Some participants practiced spreading the word about malaria through performing skits, and younger participants enjoyed making posters to raise awareness about preventing malaria. It was a fun and exciting event! 

Thank you to the Boys & Girls Club members for their participation and to UNA-NCA and YPIC for making Nothing But Nets a part of UN Week!

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