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By: Kate Kovarovic

Bed nets for birthdays

June 19, 2017
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When it comes down to it, some kids just know how to throw a party.

Just ask Henry Leue. He recently came across the Nothing But Nets blog about ten year-old Naomi Kodama turning her birthday party into a chance to help others. She threw a party where her guests were able to donate money for life-saving bed nets.

After reading Naomi’s blog, Henry was inspired to use his tenth birthday for good, too. Instead of hosting the small party with family and friends that his mother had intended, Henry turned his birthday gathering into an event to support JCI’s fund-raising efforts for the Nothing But Nets campaign!

Henry was recently in attendance with his mother at the JCI Conference for the Americas and the Caribbean, where representatives of over 27 JCI countries were present.  Conference participants gave Henry the title of “Nothing But Nets Director” for the day, and allowed Henry to address a group of adults during the first conference session.  After being officially introduced, Henry talked about just how important malaria prevention is, and asked those in attendance to donate for bed nets!

Great job Henry, and happy birthday!

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