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By: Andrea Gough

Big Hearts and Big Checks at JCI World Congress

June 12, 2017
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I had the great honor of speaking to more than 9,000 young business leaders at Junior Chamber International’s (JCI) World Congress in Osaka, Japan.  JCI is one of Nothing But Nets’ largest partners, and it was uplifting to be in a room with these global citizens with huge hearts who use their skills, resources, and networks to create a positive impact. These business leaders come from over 115 countries and represent all walks of life — from helping to run the family business in Hong Kong to working with international corporations in Monaco — and they gathered in Osaka to discuss how to best help their local and global communities.

One plan everyone is thrilled to support is JCI’s role in the movement to end malaria. In fact, they set the goal to send 1 million bed nets by 2015. JCI organizations have been working incredibly hard to reach this goal. They have been hosting concerts, writing and selling books, designing calendars, starting employee giving campaigns at their workplace — all to send nets and save lives. In Japan, over 3,000 JCI members in 19 cities conducted their own Nothing But Nets activities to raise awareness and funds for malaria prevention. Within a couple of months these savvy professionals raised over $240,000! That will send 24,000 life-saving bed nets!

Throughout the day, JCI organizations from around the world presented large checks to World Congress and by the end of the day, JCI was nearly 80,000 nets closer to reaching its goal!

THANK YOU to all the members of JCI for your ongoing support.

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