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By: Amy Jensen

Bike Ride for Bed Nets

June 15, 2017
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Earlier this fall, one of our young supporters decided to take Nothing But Nets to the streets in a 22-mile bike ride. For her Bat Mitzvah project, Samantha Collins recruited support from family and friends to spread the buzz about malaria leading up to the lengthy bike race. 

She had been inspired to support Nothing But Nets after she learned that she could make a difference and send a bed net for just $10. In response to her efforts, she says, “Next thing I know, I am receiving generous checks to go towards nets in Africa!” Samantha raised enough to send 81 nets! 

After getting the support of her NET-work, Samantha and her dad set out on their bike ride through Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Not only did she complete the race (most of which was uphill!), but she did so in under two hours. Just another example of our supporters coming up with creative ways to raise awareness and send nets and save lives!

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