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By: Elisabeth Clymer

Bottles for Bed Nets Continues to Thrive

June 8, 2017
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Did you know that recyclable bottles and aluminum cans can buy bed nets? This is a concept Mei Mei Tercek, Maddie Tirella, Bella Barber, and Tiffany Kim developed in their Beverly Hills, CA neighborhood.  

Originally started as a local recycling project, it has now expanded to Beverly Hills High School and Horace Mann School, engaging the broader community. During a recycling drive, students learn about recycling, how malaria is spread, and everyone helps to sort the bottles, all in return for community service and the promise of saving lives.  

This past school year, teens also took their support for malaria from the recycling center to their kitchens and organized two bake sales to support Nothing But Nets. So far, these four spectacular community activists have raised over $1000, protecting more than 100 families from malaria.  However, they are far from being done; this fabulous four already have a plan to expand recycling bed net drives to three other middle schools in the Beverly Hills area in the upcoming school year. Way to go, girls!  

We love hearing about our supporters’ creative methods to raise money for bed nets. Families across the country are getting involved in the fight against malaria. You can too! To find out how you can get involved, check out our Act Now page:  

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