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By: Edem Torkornoo

Bottles for Nets

June 8, 2017
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Meet 14 year -old high school freshman Mei Mei Tercek. So far, Mei Mei has raised enough to send more than 40 life-saving bed nets to families across Sub-Saharan Africa. How did she do it? She founded a local charity “Bottles for Nets” in her community in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday at 5:30 in the afternoon, Mei Mei and four of her friends collect all the recyclable materials from homes, sort them out at a recycling center where they earn 5 cents for each bottle and donate the proceeds to Nothing But Nets.

Mei Mei’s mother is also doing what she can to support the cause, – Jean Huang’s company Bernstein Global Wealth Management will also be matching the donation. “Bottles for Nets” has future plans to talk to local middle and elementary schools to encourage other young people to join in the fight to end malaria.

Mei Mei and her friends are amongst a large number of young grassroots supporters who play a huge role in helping Nothing But Nets to raise funds to send bed nets to families in need across Sub-Saharan Africa. From fundraising to advocacy, it’s easy to spread the buzz and join in the fight against malaria. Become a netvocate or a netraiser – or both, TODAY!

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