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By: Muriel van de Bilt

Bracketology for Nets

June 8, 2017
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The final day of March Madness is here! We all filled out our brackets, dug out our college t-shirts, and reanimated our school spirit to watch the best of college basketball. This year, basketball star and Nothing But Nets Champion Ruth Riley found a way to match her love of college basketball with her passion to fight malaria in Africa, a leading killer of children under five. 

Ruth had a simple idea: pledge to donate one bed net ($10) for every game your favorite college team plays in the tournament. Ruth, as a proud Notre Dame alumna, made it clear who she always supports! Notre Dame is in the championship game tonight – help her cheer on the Irish and donate $10.

Ruth has more to be proud of – so far she’s been able to raise hundreds of dollars, which means many more nets that we’re able to send to families in need!

With March Madness coming to a close, there’s still more time to do your own sports challenge. Compete to Beat Malaria during the month of April and help us send 25,000 nets to Africa. At the end of the tournament, we may only have one champion, but in the end, we can all leave March Madness as winners!

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