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By: Sun-Mi Bae

Bringing the buzz from the college campus to the workforce

June 12, 2017
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Hwang Young-kyu, a university student in Busan, South Korea, first joined the movement to end malaria on his campus. He helped set up illuminated bed net displays in the center of Seoul, the capital city, to spread the buzz and raise funds for life-saving nets.

After graduation, he took his compassion and leadership skills to his new job at a bank. During job training, he educated his new colleagues about malaria, and each of his classmates sent a net with their first paychecks! Together they sent 40 life-saving nets to Africa.

Mr. Hwang told us, “I am very happy to have made this donation and I’ll never forget working as a team with my colleagues to send nets and save lives while taking the tough training course.” Now that’s employee bonding!

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