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Post Author
By: Adrianna Logalbo

Buzz Tour beats out BBQ in KC!

June 14, 2017
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On Saturday, Diego joined me and the Buzz Tour at the Kansas City Wizards game against the Colorado Rapids. Diego had spent several years in KC playing for the Wizards and so it was a bit of a homecoming — so much so that they let us down on the field during halftime: Diego vs. Mozzie. Flanked by four budding soccer stars, Diego took on Mozzie the goaltender and, quite frankly, it was no match. With a swift kick, Diego found the back of the net before Mozzie could even make a move. A group of lucky fans won Buzzkill t-shirts thanks to Diego’s skills.

I never did get BBQ while in KC – I was so busy cruising with the Buzz Tour I simply ran out of time. But we had a great time in Kansas City with the Buzz Tour and Diego. I hope you all get chance to see the Buzz Tour out on the road in the coming months. Click here to see where the Buzz Tour is headed next!

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