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By: Andrea Gough

Buzzer Beaters

June 14, 2017
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The Washington Mystics did not wait for the last buzzer to pull off an impressive win against the New York Liberty a week ago. Instead, they pulled ahead in the first quarter and sustained their advantage. That is exactly the same strategy the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church and the Mystics are playing in the matchup against malaria.

The two organizations came together Saturday night to form an All-Star lineup with one goal: to save lives from malaria before it is too late. On behalf of the Nothing But Nets™ campaign, I was completely honored to join Bishop Schol of the Baltimore-Washington Conference and Greg Bibb with the Mystics on the court during halftime to accept a check of $2,500 to send 250 life-saving bed nets to Africa. Thank you, Buzzer Beaters!

(And the Mystics players looked absolutely triumphant warming up in their BuzzKill T-shirts!)

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