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By: Andrew Carter

Buzzin’ and Bballin’ outside of schools

June 14, 2017
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The Buzz Tour made it to the Final Four! From Ohio, we rolled on to the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis, and our fans made us feel like champs!  We set up shop in Celebration Plaza where Nothing But Nets and Mozzie scored big—the Stone Temple Pilots jammed out on stage while thousands of people came by to learn about how they can join the movement to end malaria and take pictures with Mozzie—one of these photos ended up in the Indianapolis Star! Are you in any of them? It was wonderful to see how many of our supporters had already heard about us through NBA Cares, one of our founding partners.

We headed to Missouri, and had a great time spreading the buzz at Keener Plaza in downtown St. Louis and at the University of Missouri. We got to meet hundreds of St. Louisans, as well as visitors from around the country who came to see the famous St. Louis Arch. Many of the people we spoke to didn’t know malaria still exists, but they were pleased to know how easy it is to send nets and save lives to end malaria all over the world! At the Mizzou Student Center at the students played pool with Mozzie (check out our Flickr photos), and we met more of our terrific supporters — thanks for making this Buzz Tour so much fun!  

It’s really amazing how much people care as soon as they realize how easy it is to help prevent malaria. Don’t forget to find out when the Buzz Tour is visiting a city near youor visit us on Facebookor Twitter.

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