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By: Negin Janati

Buzzin’ in Boston

June 14, 2017
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From New York to New England…the Buzz Tour rolled into Boston last week to visit some old friends, and make some new ones.

We started off at the Boston Museum of Science where Mozzie was a huge attraction for students of all ages.  As we’ve seen so far on our tour, teachers around the country want their classes to join the movement to end malaria by incorporating Nothing But Nets into their courses — we’re so happy to hear that! You can always go to the It’s Easy to Help tab on this site to get ideas and resources for any group to get involved.

Speaking of classes getting involved, Patricia Mahoney, a seventh-grade health teacher outside of Boston, had the same idea last year.  Ms. Mahoney decided to include malaria education and to talk to her students about sending nets and saving lives … the result? Her seventh-graders raised more than $18,000 to send life-saving bed nets to Africa! WOW. It’s incredible to know that fewer than 100 middle-school kids in Westfield, Massachusetts are working to protect thousands of kids in Africa.


To show these students how much their hard work means to us, we brought the Buzz Tour to them to present them with the first-ever Nothing But NetsNotable NET-Raiser Award (say that three times fast)! We held an awards ceremony, followed by the now-eighth graders running a malaria-awareness workshop for Ms. Mahoney’s new class of life-saving seventh graders — we even got on TV!  We can’t wait to see what the next round of NET-Raisers can do!

Before leaving Boston, we spread the buzz at the MLS New England Revolution game.  It’s no secret that Boston loves its sports, and soccer is no exception.  NE Revolution fans loved meeting Mozzie and were enthusiastic about joining the Buzz Tour in Boston to help kick malaria out of Africa.

Thanks for a great trip Boston! We have to keep on Buzzing, but follow us on Facebook to see photos, and on Twitter to see what’s next!

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