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By: Kim Sutton

Buzzing with Boy Scouts in Dallas

June 12, 2017
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On Monday, the Nothing But Nets team kicked off our Dallas city tour by recognizing our partner Boy Scouts of America and one very special Boy Scout in particular, 13-year-old Nate Stafford. Honoring Nate at the National Scouting Museum was an exciting way to begin our Dallas activities!

We were happy to join Boy Scouts of America to honor Nate for achieving (and exceeding!) his goal of raising $10,000 to send life-saving bed nets to Africa with Nothing But Nets. Nate graciously accepted his award and spoke to the crowd, reminding all of us that even when a goal seems unachievable, and people say it can’t happen; it really can!

After the award presentation, our guests gathered for a lunch to recognize the partnership between Nothing But Nets and Boy Scouts of America and celebrate the great successes that a partnership like this one can bring about. It was exciting to talk to all of the attendees about their experiences with Nothing But Nets and hear each person’s reasons for why they are Champions in the fight to end malaria. 

Nate is one extraordinary Boy Scout, and we’re proud to have many more Boy Scouts across the country working in their communities to raise awareness about malaria and raise funds to help end malaria deaths by 2015. This partnership and Nate’s incredible successes show what a huge impact dedicated young people can have. Nothing But Nets is honored to partner with such an incredible organization, and to have young supporters like Nate Stafford as Champions in the fight against malaria.

Thank you, Boy Scouts of America, for hosting us and for reminding us that even small actions can make a big impact!

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