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By: Dave & Angelise

Buzzing with the Buckeyes in Ohio

June 14, 2017
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The Buzz Tour’s first ‘buzz stop’ was Columbuzz, Ohio! We kicked off at the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer game, where thousands of soccer fans stopped by to meet Mozzie the Mosquito, sign our giant 3-foot-high soccer ball, or snap their photo in front of our green-screen that makes it look like you’re on the jumbotron, or right on the field with the players — you should see it, it’s pretty awesome.

After the game, we went out to dinner and (without planning it) were all wearing our Buzzkill t-shirts.  A student came up to us and said “Hey, I’ve heard about Nothing But Nets! We learned about malaria in school — it’s really cool to see an organization out here doing something about it.”  It made us really happy to know that the Buzz is getting out in Ohio.

The next day, we went to COSI — not the sandwich shop, the Center of Science and Industry — and so many of you stopped by before visiting the Titanic exhibit. (Quick fact: the Titanic had about 1,500 victims…malaria has twice that many victims a day, every day!) We met hundreds of families, including tons of students and teachers who want to keep building the buzz — how cool is that?! We also met a Girl Scout troop who had come from all over Ohio for a “sleep-in” that sounded really fun. We told them about the Sleep Out to End Malaria on April 24th, and they loved the idea of sleeping out so children in Africa can sleep safely. We hope you’ll join them!

Our last stop was at The Ohio State University campus, where we buzzed with the Buckeye fans and students. O-H…I-O!

Bye-bye-o Ohio! We had a great time. Thank you for joining the movement to end malaria.  Next up: Kansas City, here we come!
Check out the full schedule of the Buzz Tour at

Dave & Angelise are our friendly Buzz Tour drivers – look for more posts from them throughout the Tour!

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