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By: Dan Skallman

Camp Broadway and Performers Create for Nets

June 8, 2017
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Have you heard about our partnership with Camp Broadway? In March, we announced the Camp Broadway Challenge, a national initiative inviting multi-talented youth, ages 10-17, to create an original work of art themed around our mission to “Send a Net. Save a Life.” Kids were asked to create, produce, and share a video featuring their original song, dance, music composition, or prop – you can view all of the great entries here.

The winner, Toshaan Arora, hails from Austin, Texas. He was awarded a trip to New York City to attend The Lion King and Camp Broadway’s coveted annual summer session this July. Here are a few stories from kids on why they decided to participate!

Kira Dean, Scottsdale, AZ
Each day, malaria kills around 1,500 children – that’s one child every 60 seconds. That is 1,500 more kids who won’t get to grow up, learn to live, and find what they enjoy doing. I enjoy dancing and that is what I did for my Create for Nets challenge. My dream is to one day become a professional dancer or Broadway actress. I want to help protect kids from malaria because I believe that every kid should have the opportunity to live their lives and pursue their dreams.

Grace Velthoven, Berkley, MI
I wrote an original song for the Camp Broadway “Nothing but Nets” challenge. I love to sing but this was my first time writing an original song. It was a lot of fun. I wrote it because I care about kids and especially kids with diseases that could be prevented. I can’t imagine dying from a mosquito bite. For the amount of money that I could go out and eat I could save a family — that’s amazing. I hope that anyone who sees my video will make a $10 donation and save a family today.

Samaria Driver, Atlanta, GA
Samaria Driver participated in the Camp Broadway Challenge in the music composition category. She wrote and performed her own original song titled, “Send A Net. Save A Life.” What motivated Samaria to participate in the contest was knowing that something as simple as a bed net can save millions of lives, and the fact that she has the power to spread the message to other people. “I believe our actions and our voices will always make a difference,” Samaria said.

Julia Losner, Merrick, NY
Julia was really inspired to write a song about helping people in Africa after she thought about how many lives could be impacted if everyone donated a net. Julia cares about helping kids with malaria because, as she said, “I can only imagine how difficult it must be for kids my age in Africa, who are constantly scared with the threat of this disease,” Julia said.

This summer, Camp Broadway is educating and engaging students attending their summer camps across the U.S. about how they can get involved with Nothing But Nets and the fight against malaria. You can too – visit

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