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By: Emile Dawisha

Campaign Quarterly

April 24, 2019

Welcome to the Campaign Quarterly Newsletter, a snapshot of our work at Nothing But Nets and the global movement to end malaria for good.

In this issue: how malaria has impacted Samira, an 11-year-old in Niger, a recap of the 2019 Leadership Summit, Cotopaxi Foundation, and what’s coming up next.

Meet Samira. Samira is 11 and has lived her whole life in the remote village of Doubi Bangou, a tiny settlement in the vast, almost empty expanse outside of Niger’s capital, Niamey. While her two brothers go to school, Samira helps her mom with everyday chores like washing clothes and gathering water from the pump.

Like many young kids in the village, Samira is a malaria survivor. She told us that she remembers the horrible fever she endured and how she couldn’t play or laugh with the other kids for weeks. Fortunately, she made a full recovery; and now she and her family sleep under bed nets that protect them from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

With the nearest health facility a day’s journey away, simple disease prevention tools and education are critical to Samira’s family.

Starting this Fall, we are excited to work with UNICEF to distribute thousands of bed nets, treatments, and diagnostics throughout Niger, prioritizing remote villages like Doubi Bangou. We will also supporting community education that focuses on proper use of bed nets.

Read more about Samira’s story and how Nothing But Nets is saving lives in Niger. 

More than 200 Nothing But Nets champions, partners and celebrity ambassadors came together in Washington DC last month (March 24-26) for what was the largest Nothing But Nets Leadership Summit ever.

Representing 33 states and countries such as Syria, Niger, and Venezuela, Summit attendees participated in two days of leadership and advocacy trainings, interactive workshops, and panels and presentations featuring high-level UN experts and celebrity advocates. Learn more about the Summit here. 

One of Nothing But Nets’ amazing corporate partners is Cotopaxi, an outdoor brand with many distinctive elements: multi-colored backpacks, llama-wool insulated jackets, and 24-hour urban scavenger hunts known as Questivals, to name a few.

But beneath the cool gear and experiences is a socially-conscious company with a mission to alleviate poverty around the world and source their products ethically. Cotopaxi just launched the Cotopaxi Foundation to do even more good. 

World Malaria Day (April 25), is the biggest awareness-raising moment of the year and an opportunity to reignite the public around the fight to eradicate malaria worldwide. This year’s theme is how to #StepUpTheFight against malaria.

Why are we ‘stepping up’ the fight? While more countries than ever are close to wiping out the disease, some of the highest-burden countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have seen progress stall. As a result, malaria cases worldwide increased slightly in 2016 and 2017 after a decade of decline. More than ever, the world needs to re-energize the fight to end malaria, which still threatens half of the global population and kills one child every two minutes.

We are raising funds to send 20,000 bed nets to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the world’s most malaria-affected countries. The DRC saw 25 million malaria cases in 2017 (11% of all cases worldwide, and up 600,000 cases from 2016) and has been classified as a Level 3 emergency by the UN.

All donations for World Malaria Day will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $100,000, by The Benito and Frances C. Gaguine Foundation. If you’d like to make a donation, visit

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