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By: Emile Dawisha

Campaign Quarterly: July 2018

July 26, 2018
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Welcome to the Campaign Quarterly Newsletter, a periodic snapshot of our work at Nothing But Nets and the global movement to end malaria for good. In this newsletter, we will highlight inspiring stories, Nothing But Nets supporters, grassroots champions, and global partners.

In this issue: a humanitarian crisis in Nigeria, how Iowans are working to end malaria, the impact malaria has on refugees, and more.

On July 5th, the Des Moines Register published an op-ed written by Simon Estes, a world-renowned opera singer who has pledged to raise one-million dollars for Nothing But Nets. The Iowa native shared his uniquely American life story and why he has dedicated his life to protecting children from malaria.

While performing at the World Cup in South Africa, he learned that (in 2010) every 30 seconds a child died from malaria. This realization inspired him to embark on what would become a lifetime mission: to save as many children as possible from this deadly yet preventable disease.

Dr. Estes teamed up with Nothing But Nets in 2013 and set an ambitious goal: raise $1 million dollars for the distribution of bed nets. Incredibly, he has already raised $532,000. But to Dr. Estes, the mission is far from complete. He needs your help to reach this goal.

If you’d like to learn more and join his pledge, select “Support the Eliminate Malaria Campaign” at

June 20 was World Refugee Day, a time to reflect on the 68.5 million displaced people who are fleeing war, famine, and persecution worldwide. Among the most deadly threats faced by migrating populations is malaria: 60% of displaced people settle in malaria-endemic areas. 

When Achol’s husband was killed in Sudan’s ongoing civil war, she became a refugee. She left home with her four children amidst chaos to begin a seven-day journey to safety. She became separated from one of her children along the way, trekking hundreds of miles through extreme heat, with little access to food and water. Yet she endured, doing everything she could for her kids. Read more about Achol’s story here.
In honor of World Refugee Day, Nothing But Nets raised close to $50,000, which will be used specifically to protect thousands of refugees and internally displaced families from malaria throughout Africa. Thank you to all who supported our appeal and who strive to protect the lives of people like Achol and her children.

In 2017, outdoor pest-control company Mosquito Joe took an even stronger stance against mosquitoes, teaming up with Nothing But Nets to raise funds and awareness for the fight against malaria.

In just over a year, the Virginia-based company and its 145+ independently-owned franchises have raised close to $50,000 in donations for Nothing But NetsThese funds have sent over 5,000 bed nets to malaria-endemic regions in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean; protecting over 10,000 people from the disease. Mosquito Joe drives its fundraising and awareness-raising efforts through two separate campaigns, MoJo Bites Back and Beat the Bloodsuckers.

Learn more about the incredible work Mosquito Joe is doing.

July Fundraising Efforts: Malaria Crisis in Northern Nigeria 

Nigeria has more malaria cases and deaths than any other country in the world. And years of violent conflict, initiated by the terrorist group Boko Haram, has left northern Nigeria in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Our UN partners have asked us to send 188,000 nets to Nigeria by year’s end. Click here to help us send desperately needed nets to protect those most vulnerable.

August 20: World Mosquito Day

On this day in 1897, British scientist Sir Ronald Ross discovered that malaria is transmitted between humans by the female anopheles mosquito. World Mosquito Day is not just an opportunity to raise awareness for mosquito-borne diseases; it’s also a time to celebrate the incredible progress made this century in fighting these epidemics. Since 2000, 6.8 million lives have been saved. Your support is helping end malaria for good – this World Mosquito Day, help us raise awareness and continue this progress.

September 25: ‘This Is Us’ Returns 

Mandy Moore, star of NBC’s smash hit This Is Us, will return to screens on September 25th in the third season premiere. But before landing the role of Rebecca Pearson, Mandy visited Central African Republic with Nothing But Nets.

Fun fact: Mandy is engaged to folk-rock band Dawes’ lead singer Taylor Goldsmith. The now-engaged couple may not have realized it initially, but the two share more than just similar taste in music. Taylor also traveled with his band and Nothing But Nets to Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda – and in 2016, Dawes raised funds for Nothing But Nets through an exclusive song release.

Nothing But Nets wishes the couple a lifetime of happiness. We’re so thankful for all they’ve done in the movement to fight malaria worldwide.

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Campaign Quarterly! If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback, please contact Emile Dawisha

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