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By: Chris Helfrich

Celebrate 5 Years of Sending Nets & Saving Lives

June 9, 2017
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It’s an exciting week for the Nothing But Nets campaign — it’s our 5th anniversary! 5 years ago, the UN Foundation officially launched this global, grassroots campaign to send nets to save lives from malaria in Africa. Since that day in 2006, we’ve brought together the world’s largest group of partners and grassroots supporters to fight malaria — raising nearly $40 million to send more than 6 million insecticide-treated nets to families across Africa. 

We’re incredibly proud of what partners and supporters like you have helped accomplish to save lives with Nothing But Nets. According to all statistics from our UN partners, your efforts are making a huge difference in the fight against malaria: malaria prevention and treatment are saving approximately 485 lives every day.  We’re well on our way to covering the continent with life-saving bed nets and reaching the global goal of ending malaria deaths by 2015 — and we’re not stopping until every family in Africa can sleep safely under a bed net.

Help us celebrate 5 years of Nothing But Nets by taking 5 fun new actions in the fight against malaria today:

1. Sign your name: Pledge to support Nothing But Nets and be part of the generation to end malaria deaths.
2. Watch & share: Our new 60 second video celebrates 5 years of sending nets and saving lives.
3. Spread the buzz!
4. Visit our new campaign website at and find out all the ways you can get involved, including making a donation to help protect refugees in the Horn of Africa from malaria: Send a net. Save a life.
5. Go shopping! Get your holiday presents through where thousands of stores like Best Buy and Macy’s let you give to Nothing But Nets while shopping as you normally would — without paying a penny more! Find out more here.

Thank you for 5 amazing years — we can’t wait to work with you over the next 5 years to make even greater progress against malaria!

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