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By: Maegan Cross

Celebrating Summit Wins & Looking Ahead – Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities

March 29, 2022

A Successful 2022 Virtual Leadership Summit 

Thank you, Champions, for attending our first Advocacy Webinar as United to Beat Malaria! If you couldn’t make it, click here to view the slides and recording

We started off the webinar by celebrating the many wins from this year’s Leadership Summit and Advocacy Day. There are so many successes to celebrate from our largest advocacy activation of the year, and all of them are thanks to you, the Champions.  

Because of your hard work and dedication, we were able to meet with 136 Congressional Offices from 33 states to advocate for increased funding for the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria as part of our Advocacy Day. Our Sunday virtual programming was also a massive success, reaching audiences in over 50 countries and bringing together advocates, policymakers, scientists, and multi-sectoral partners to unite in the fight against malaria.  

And it seems our requests were well-taken, as we received news that in President Biden’s FY23 budget, the President asked for $2B for the Global Fund, matching our request for the first year of the Replenishment cycle. Biden also proposed $780M for PMI, which would be a $5M increase from FY22’s funding level. You can read more about the President’s FY23 budget and what it means for malaria programs and partners here.   

United to Beat Malaria Brand Guidelines 

Also at our Champion Webinar, our Communications team gave us the scoop on our campaign’s new name and brand expression, including key messaging we can use to talk about the campaign and design specifications to help us represent ourselves visually. You can view the full United to Beat Malaria brand guide here.  

Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities 

We could not be prouder of the work you accomplished at Summit and the progress our campaign, equipped with our brand-new name, has made in defeating malaria for good. And we could not have done it without all of you. So, take this time to take a breath, pat yourselves on the back, and gear up for the next phase of our advocacy this year – because the work never stops! 

Here are the key opportunities for Advocacy coming up over the next few months: 

  • Monday, April 11th 
    • Join us for a training for our World Malaria Day activation. The webinar will kick off at 6p ET. Click here to register and select the appropriate date on the drop-down.    
  • Monday, April 25th  
    • Join us for our World Malaria Day Advocacy Webinar! The webinar will kick off at 6p ET. Click here to register and select the appropriate date on the drop-down.    
  • May 20th  – June 5th  
    • Inspired by the new name and ready to UNITE in the fight against malaria?  Take the next STEP and join us for our first event as United to Beat Malaria! The Move Against Malaria 5k will be held from May 20 – June 5.  Join donors, partners, and champions from around the world to raise awareness and funds to protect the most vulnerable populations from malaria.  UNITED we can be the generation to end malaria!   
    • Click here to register 
    • Read up on the 5k and best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising from our Development team here 
    • Click here to access our fundraising toolkit 

Questions about Advocacy? Email Maegan at 

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