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By: Maegan Cross

Beat Malaria Advocacy Ambassadors Orientation & Kickoff

February 1, 2024
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On January 31, 2024, the United to Beat Malaria Grassroots team kicked off our pilot Advocacy Ambassadors program with a cohort of 20 students from across the country who will take a leadership role in rallying their campus communities in support of global programs working to end malaria.

Ambassadors can refer to this post to refresh on program expectations and it will also serve as an orientation and resource guide for new ambassadors. For any student wanting to get involved in the Advocacy Ambassadors program, see here to review the program expectations and apply here. New Ambassador applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis based on capacity and need for admission to the cohort.  

Resources for Advocacy Ambassadors: 

Questions about the Advocacy Ambassador program? Contact Maegan Cross, Grassroots Advocacy Associate, 

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