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By: United to Beat Malaria Champion

Champion Spotlight: Beverly Anaele

August 22, 2020
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My name is Beverly Anaele and I am a Nothing But Nets champion living in Maryland.

If COVID-19 has taught Marylanders anything, it’s how truly connected we are to each other. What is ailing our fellow neighbors an ocean away can reach our backyards within 36 hours.

But many of those neighbors are facing another deadly battle we likely won’t see again in Maryland: malaria. Although malaria is no longer endemic in the United States, it still kills over 405,000 people in over 100 countries. For the last twenty years, the global community—led by the United States—has coalesced around the idea that malaria can be eliminated in my lifetime. And there has been significant progress toward that end. Unfortunately, efforts for malaria prevention are slowing. We must come together again and emerge from this pandemic stronger and more united as a global community.

Join me and the Nothing But Nets campaign as we mark World Mosquito Day on August 20 and thank our Member of Congress for their continued bipartisan support for programs like the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Through these investments, Americans are leading the way in the fight to end malaria, while also aiding in the battle against COVID-19.

As a global health advocate with Nothing But Nets, I am thankful for their important work to end malaria. Although we are undergoing physical separation, we do not live in silos. We are still coming together from around the world: local groups like Feed the Heroes DMV are providing food for healthcare workers, musicians are performing free concerts online, and public health programs like mine are connecting through Zoom. Join me and Nothing But Nets as we continue to raise our voice to end malaria. Text the word “Champion” to 738674 to join the fight. 

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