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By: United to Beat Malaria

Champion Webinar: Fundraising for Impact — United in Health 2023

October 24, 2023
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Thank you to United to Beat Malaria’s Individual Giving Officer, Candice Woods, for joining our Champion webinar on Monday, October 24 to speak with advocates about the campaign’s end of year fundraising push, United in Health. Click here to view the slides and recording from Candice’s presentation.  

In 2023, the United in Health campaign is dedicated to supporting Community Health Workers (CHWs) by providing trainings and tools to carry out their life-saving work. “Community Health Worker” is an umbrella term that includes a range of community health aides, but their goal is to connect communities with their state care systems and state health departments. A combination of economic, social geographic barriers and a lack of health care workers prevent people all over the world from accessing health care. Community Health Workers can address these gaps as part of primary health care teams. By directing resources to community level services in the most disease endemic regions, health systems can fight malaria and diseases with both epidemic and pandemic potential. 

What Do Your Donations Support?  

  • $10.00 can diagnose and treat a child with malaria. Without access to early treatment, a mild case of malaria can rapidly progress to severe illness and death.  
  • $25.00 can protect five pregnant women and their unborn children from malaria with preventative medication.  
  • $100.00 can protect a community by providing 20 nets to give a safe night’s sleep for 40 children and peace of mind for their parents.  
  • $455.00 can provide training for a community health worker. 

How to Donate 

  • Rally your community online by creating your own personal United to Beat Malaria fundraising page on Classy.
  • Donate online via our website.
  • Donate online via
  • Offline donations can be mailed to:
    United Nations Foundation/United to Beat Malaria 
    PO Box 96539 
    Washington, DC 20077-7639 
    On the check’s memo line: please note that this gift is “in support of United to Beat Malaria.” 


  • Giving Tuesday is 11/28/23 — all donations will be matched up to $40,000.00 for Giving Tuesday! 
  • Make sure to share photos of your fundraiser on social media and send photos to
  • Contact Candice Woods,, with any questions about fundraising or if you need ideas/support.
  • You can receive five advocacy points for each fundraiser you host by logging the action in our Self-Tracking Action Report (STAR).
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