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By: Theresa Herget

Chicago 5th-graders are on a NET-Raising roll!

June 16, 2017
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As part of the Chicago Elementary School Netraiser Challenge, Ms. Otero’s 5th-grade class at Andrew Jackson Elementary School has been working hard to raise funds for bed nets!  Lt. Governor Pat Quinn and Nothing But Nets launched the Chicago Elementary School Challenge this fall, encouraging elementary school classrooms in the Chicagoland area to make a difference in preventing malaria and saving lives. 

Read below to hear from two of Ms. Otero’s students about their experiences with the Challenge…  

“Our involvement with Nothing But Nets has been very successful.  Our class has done many wondrous things to raise money.  For example, we had a bracelet and chocolate sale at a local university book store, a yard sale on Loomis St., a bake sale at school (with donated goods), a chocolate sale during lunch, another bake sale at a local park, a second collection at church which raised $520.  And we have donated money from allowances, friends, and family.  Each activity was sponsored and organized by different people. Many online donations were made too because we filled their heads with knowledge about Nothing But Nets what malaria does to people.  We have told everyone we met at sales and collections to be aware of what is happening in Africa and how they can help all the way across the world.”

“In our class, we are participating in an amazing fundraiser called Nothing But Nets.  This fundraiser has been created to raise money to buy bed nets to help stop malaria in Africa.  We have had two bake sales, a bracelet sale, a chocolate sale, a church collection, and our extra money is saved in a box.  We have raised about $2,700 so far.  We are proud to be participating in such a wonderful fundraiser. “

Stay tuned next week to find out which classroom is the official winner of the Chicago Elementary School Netraiser Challenge!

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