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By: Theresa Herget

Chicago Elementary Schools Challenge winner announced

June 16, 2017
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Congratulations to Ms. Otero’s 5th grade class at Andrew Jackson Language Academy for taking first place in the Chicago Elementary School Netraiser Challenge!

Ms. Otero’s 5th grade students and teamed up with their parents, neighbors and local area businesses to help their peers in Africa. In just three short months, the 33 students raised more than $3,000!

Students not only hosted bake sales at their school, but also took the initiative to go out into the community and get local residents and businesses involved. The 5th graders collected donations of toys and books, went door-to-door passing out flyers and hosted a yard sale; engaged in a letter-writing campaign to friends and family encouraging them to donate online; posted Nothing But Nets flyers in local area businesses; and sold their own handmade bracelets in the University of Illinois at Chicago student center on their day off from school.

Each student in Ms. Otero’s class will be presented with an Acer® Aspire one netbook, a mini-laptop, equipped with Microsoft XP Home®, wireless connectivity and a built-in webcam. In addition to a low-cost laptop, the students will receive a classroom pizza party.

Another 5th grade class at Andrew Jackson took second place in the Chicago Elementary School Netraiser Challenge and will be presented with three StudentMate low-cost laptops for their classroom. They raised more than $2,000!

Congratulations to the students at Andrew Jackson Language Academy!

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