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By: Ginna Gutierrez

Chicago Fire’s charitable arm, Fireworks For Kids Foundation, golfs for nets!

June 21, 2017
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Once again, The Chicago Fire and Diego Gutierrez came through raising $1200 dollars for bed nets. In the beginning of September, the FireWorks for Kids Foundation held its sixth annual golf outing at Silver Lakes Country Club, in Orland Park, IL. The entire Chicago Fire team and coaching staff were on hand for the day as well as other local celebrities. Every foursome golfed with a celebrity in a scramble format. This year, however, one hole was set up for a most important cause…Nothing But Nets! Our hole was the “money hole.” Golfers could pay $10 to play “beat the pro” and to win $20 back. Everyone who participated got a Nothing But Nets t-shirt and an informational brochure while I told them about the devastating effects of malaria and why we were there to help.

Almost everyone in the tournament paid to play and the pro was right on target all day long! In the end, almost everyone gave at least $10 for a bed net, and for those who did win, they gave their $10 plus their winnings. Here in Chicago, we will remain dedicated to this campaign until all of Africa is covered. Please take a moment now to join me, Diego, and the Chicago Fire in the fight against malaria. It only takes $10 to save a life! Many thanks to the Chicago Fire and the Fireworks For Kids Foundation for supporting our efforts and helping us raise money and awareness for the campaign!

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