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By: Amy Hamblin

Chicagoland students are “set” to address malaria

June 21, 2017
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Students at Northwestern, DePaul, Loyola and University of Chicago rallied to raise more than $1,100 at The Chicago Buzz’s Charity Beach Volleyball Tournament this past Saturday. The ball was in their court to act and they delivered an ace! The Chicago Buzz couldn’t have imagined a better start to the year-long campaign to raise awareness about malaria prevention and donations for Nothing But Nets in the Chicagoland area.

Around 11:00 AM about 55 students started to battle it out with their volleyball skills for the all-day tournament at North Avenue Beach against the backdrop of the Chicago skyline. During the lunch break, Dr. Kasturi Haldar from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine came and spoke about her malaria research and personal experiences with the disease. She stressed the importance of bed nets, especially in the absence of a vaccine and often ineffective anti-malarial drugs. It ended up being a beautiful day – in terms of the weather and what the students accomplished.

The Chicago Buzz is an initiative of Amy Hamblin, one of this year’s twelve Buzz Cuts winners. Click here learn more about the Buzz Cuts competition.

Stay tuned for more from The Chicago Buzz this fall!

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