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By: Jenna Sauber

Commemorate World Malaria Day!

June 15, 2017
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April 25 is finally here – and we’re so grateful for everyone’s support and recognition of the issue of malaria. People like UN Foundation Chairman Ted Turner, ESPN columnist and Nothing But Nets co-founder Rick Reilly, actor Ashton Kutcher, singer Gavin DeGraw, and our thousands of grassroots supporters are spreading the word about malaria and how easy it is to save lives by sending bed nets. And with our current efforts with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), we are well on our way of protecting hundreds of thousands of refugees in Africa from malaria, thanks to all involved!

World Malaria Day is also getting some well-deserved recognition from the White House and U.S. Congress, too! Yesterday President Obama released a statement declaring his commitment to work with global partners to fight malaria and potentially end deaths from malaria by 2015.  And on Wednesday, Congress passed a concurrent resolution to commemorate World Malaria Day. The resolution refers to the statistics that we at Nothing But Nets know all too well – that a child dies every 30 seconds of malaria, that the disease poses great risks to pregnant women, and that 90 percent of malaria deaths occur in Africa. Both the White House and Congress are committed to partnering with organizations like the United Nations to save lives from malaria. We’re glad to be a part of this team!

Now we encourage you to commemorate World Malaria Day and get involved with Nothing But Nets by sending a net and saving a life

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