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By: Mariam Khan

Compete to Beat Malaria: Champions of Week Three

June 8, 2017
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With World Malaria Day right around the corner we continue to be inspired by all of our champions and we hope they’ve inspired you too. We hope that your Compete to Beat Malaria challenges are underway – we know we’re on our way to reach our goal of 25,000 bed nets by World Malaria Day! Take a challenge today!

Stephen Curry
Basketball star Stephen Curry is truly a champion who inspires us all. Since his days at Davidson College, Stephen has supported Nothing But Nets and continues to be a dedicated supporter today as a Golden State Warrior. Stephen is so dedicated to sending life-saving nets to protect families that he pledged to send three bed bets for every three-point shot he makes during the season. Stephen has challenged all of his fans to get involved and keep families safe from malaria too.

Nate Stafford
Nate Stafford first heard about Nothing But Nets through his local Boy Scouts group. He was so inspired to get involved that he decided to do a “Trek for Nets” raising awareness for malaria! But, instead of just a simple hike, Nate set the goal of hiking 100 miles and raised enough funds to send hundreds of life-saving nets. Since then, Nate has continued his efforts and has raised more than $10,000, sending 1,000 nets to families in need.

Lee Grossman, WovnBranch
Lee Grossman and his partners wanted to create a superior yoga mat and tackle a global health epidemic. The result was WovnBranch, a company that makes high-performance yoga mats, and donates one bed net for each mat sold. The company went live in 2012 and they donated more than $700 in their first year to Nothing But Nets

Loomis Chaffee Varsity Soccer
Why not take a longstanding soccer rivalry to raise money and awareness for a cause that protects families from malaria? That’s exactly what the Loomis Chaffee men’s varsity soccer team did for their rivalry game against Suffield Academy! More than 300 spectators from both sides came to support the players but more importantly they came out to save lives around the world. Although the game was a tie, the entire student body played a part in the real win – $2,000 raised, and 200 nets to families in sub-Saharan Africa. Go team!

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