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By: Mariam Khan

Compete to Beat Malaria: Champions of Week Two

June 8, 2017
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As the countdown to World Malaria Day continues, we want to keep highlighting some of 
our most dedicated champions! We think that their stories will inspire you to Compete to Beat Malaria and help us reach our goal of 25,000 bed nets by World Malaria Day for families in need. Take a challenge now
Jordan Freer
Jordan Freer became the youngest female ever to swim from Alcatraz Island to San Francisco at 9 years old! Jordan trained for months with her dad in nearby Folsom Lake right outside of Sacramento – she knew she could make this swim a success for Nothing But Nets. Despite the 55-degree water, Jordan made the 1.5-mile swim in about 50 minutes and raised over $3,000, sending 300 mosquito nets to keep kids like her in Africa safe from malaria.

The Bush School
Students from the Bush School in Seattle, Washington know how to make a big impact by sending nets and saving lives. For the last several years, fifth graders have participated in a Mosquito Marathon, pledging to walk and run to raise awareness about malaria and encouraging other students to get involved. Over the last first years, students at the Bush School have raised nearly $20,000 to send insecticide-treated bed nets to protect families around the world.

Bob Mott
University of San Francisco student and baseball player, Bob Mott, has a novel approach to saving lives. Starting in 2011, the USF baseball team pledged to donate $10 to Nothing But Nets for every homerun the team hit but the team had an even better idea! Why not donate $10 for every strikeout since they happen more often in a game? With this new idea, Bob and the rest of the USF baseball team were able to raise thousands of dollars for the campaign.

Summit Coffee
For the past 2 years, Brian and Tim Helfrich, owners of Summit Coffee in Davidson, North Carolina, have hosted a race to benefit Nothing But Nets. Runners from all over the country joined Summit Coffee in a 4-mile Obstacle Challenge that even had some runners trying to catch Mozzie the Mosquito! Last year, representatives from Congressman Robert Pittenger’s office also joined the event to learn more about the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Global Fund. The event raised more than $3,000, sending 300 bed nets to families in sub-Saharan Africa.

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