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By: Chris Helfrich

Compete to Beat Malaria!

June 8, 2017
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Are you enjoying March Madness or is your bracket busted like mine? Perhaps you’ve moved on and are looking forward to the Masters Tournament or this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

If you have sports on your mind – or even if they aren’t – I have a challenge just for you. Get active this April and Compete to Beat Malaria!

Today, World Malaria Day is exactly 25 days away and to celebrate we want you to take a sports challenge with Nothing But Nets and help us send 25,000 bed nets to families in Africa.

Sports is in our DNA. Since 2006, hundreds upon hundreds of you have leveraged your passions for sports to raise money and send nets while doing what you love.

Everyone can take a sports challenge with Nothing But Nets. Whether you run, swim, or play basketball, you can help raise critical funds and save lives. No sports challenge is too big or small and we have the tools you need to get started. Every $10 you raise helps us purchase and distribute life-saving bed nets with our UN partners.

Sports not your thing? That’s ok. There are still many other ways to get involved! Take action this month and together we can defeat malaria. Thanks for helping us make this World Malaria Day the most exciting yet!

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