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By: Julie Willig

Cooking up success for Nothing But Nets!

June 15, 2017
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Yvette Garfield, who is passionate about introducing children to the world through food, created Handstand Kids Cookbooks with the hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to help others throughout the world. In her newest addition to the series, the Chinese Cookbook, Yvette encourages children to host local food fundraisers and features the Nothing But Netscampaign! You can find us alongside her chocolate noodle clusters – tasty!

In addition to including the campaign in her work, Yvette is also donating a portion of her cookbook sales from to Nothing But Netswhen customers use the promotional code NETS – another easy way to send nets and save lives! By using her own hobbies and interests, Yvette serves as another great example of how one person can make a difference in the fight against malaria. 

Thanks to Yvette Garfield, families around the globe can support Nothing But Nets while cooking up delicious recipes – now that’s a culinary combination that will leave everyone satisfied! 

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